Letter: Husband’s care at facility first-rate by every measure

Jun. 27, 2013 @ 11:44 PM


I am a retired registered nurse and, admittedly, strictly legalistic when it comes to medical practices and cleanliness. My husband was recently admitted to a skilled nursing home after four hard hits to his body systems. His health stabilized after a week in the hospital, but he remained weak, confused and needed to use a Bi-Pap machine temporarily.

He was discharged from the hospital and admitted to Pigeon Forge Care and Rehabilitation Center for two weeks of intensive therapy. A close family friend, (a retired Certified Nursing Assistant), our son (who uses a Bi-Pap machine himself), and I were with him 24/7 during his stay due to his lingering confusion.

The care my husband received from all of the Center’s staff was strictly professional, without fault. Physical therapists worked with strengthening his core balance allowing him increased mobility with safety. Occupational therapists worked with strengthening his upper body coordination allowing his right and left brain to work together for increased safety. Speech therapy worked with strengthening his ability to focus allowing him to follow directions more consistently. Nursing staff personnel administered all procedures with professional correctness. The physician assistants kept up to date with the nursing assessments noting his increasing wellness and adjusted his treatments/medications accordingly.

Our stay was an even richer experience due to the obvious compassion for others shared by all the employees. The dieticians gave us several choices for each meal, being conscious of food allergies, likes and dislikes. Janitorial staff performed daily chores with well deserved pride and were quick to respond to accidental cleanups. The CNAs were really angels in disguise with their quick “No problem” response to requests. We were treated respectfully and courteously; the staff bringing us juice, coffee, ice water, etc, knowing we couldn’t leave my husband alone even for a few minutes.

Activity personnel and groundskeepers’ presence was very obvious. My husband really enjoyed eating his nutritious and well presented meals (we ate the same meals), in the courtyard with all the flowers, trees, bushes and birds to enjoy. He had fun and laughed lots with all of us dressing up for “Cow Person Day” and for the trip through “Hillbilly Holler.” Church services presented by volunteers from an area church rounded out a very enriching experience.

The Center is under new management by Signature and proved to be an exemplary facility.

Mrs. George R. Stradley


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