In Arts and crafts today the residents enjoyed making ice cream cones that can be used as bookmarks…very creative!

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Youth Choir!

The residents enjoyed the Faith of Calvary youth choir from North Carolina. They performed for us, sharing their love, it was awesome!

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Snow Cones

We made our own snow cones! We had a choice of watermelon, lime or tropical fruit punch flavor. The residents loved the snow cones, they were so good!



The residents using their imagination and painted some beautiful butterflies. They did great, they are so creative!


A special shout out to Banner Church who comes to visit on the 3rd Monday of each month. They have been a part of us for over 20 years. Each residents get a snack and a ticket and when their number is called they get a prize! The residents really look forward to seeing Banner each month, Thank you for being a part of our family!

The Pledge

Our residents saying the pledge of allegiance to flag of The United States. They remember every word after saying it each morning when they were in school. Hearing what the flag still means to them is heart-warming!