Chaplain Karen Borchert

At two o’clock the snack carts roll through our lovely home and folks pick what treats they want from the display.  Some pick different items each day, watermelon and crackers one day, cupcakes and tea the next, a sweet bun and a juice after that.  Others choose their familiar favorites every day like cookies and milk , “why mess with a good thing?” they say.

A  wonderful thing about snack time is that it is a special time set apart, for savoring.  Food is meant to be savored.   Sometimes in our lives we may rush through meals without thinking of what we are eating, unaffected by the flavors and textures, oblivious to the rich variety.  Snack time is a great time for reflecting and enjoying.

And so with our lives, God has spread before us an amazing array of opportunities and experiences, relationships and challenges.  We have the chance to enjoy, to savor, to give thanks, and even to catch a glimpse of God.

In our lives let’s do more savoring!  We can take opportunities to slow down, taste life, give thanks and glimpse God.